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Name Reason
Michael J Timko Michael, you need to be more mindful of what your parents tell you to do. Going to bed when Emily does would be a good start. Also, not arguing with your father about your tablet is also another good place to change your behavior. I will be be making one final check of my lists on December 23rd before my historic Christmas Eve toy delivery. I hope you are on my nice list by then.
Michael Lara Doesn't believe in Santa Claus
Mickey Goff Bullying
Mickey Turner Bullying
Morgan Garcia Screams and cries to get what they want
Morgan Shaw Doesn't share any of their toys
Neil Thompson Being mean
Nikki Perez Cheating on a test
Nikki Wolf Fighting
Owen Paulsen Owen is on the naughtly list because he has been very disrespectful to his parents, he has been using bad language and has not been listening. If his behavior does not improve he will not be receiving any presents this Christmas.
Paul Perez Selfish
Payton Wolf Screams and cries to get what they want
Ray Gomez Doesn't listen to the teacher
Rees Jarvis Selfish
Rees West Screams and cries to get what they want
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