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Name Reason
Alex & Max Hendrix Max and Alex I’m very concerned with your behavior when it comes playing with you switch I hope you stop fighting about otherwise I will need to send my elf to bring it back to me.remember I’m always watching to see if your being naughty or nice! Santa
Adyson Gambino Tattled on others in school, not listening to parents
Alex Baumgartner Does not eat vegetables. Yells at grownups.
Alexander Allen Not doing your chore
Alexis Kidd Lying
Alexis Miller Makes fun of other kids
Alexis Simpson Doesn't listen to their parents
Alyssa Scharlott Alyssa, you're off to a much better start this morning, but it'll take a really good day and we can get you back on the nice list. Keep that good attitude all day long.
Amanda Page Bullying
Amanda Wells Not keeping promises
Anthony Bright Potty mouth
Ashley Robinson Cheating on a test
Ashley Sydner Lying
Autumn Anderson Lying
Autumn Smith Fighting
Barbara Mason Cheating on a test
Being Mean To Grandma Kelsey Jo being mean to grandma
Betty Casey Doesn't listen to their parents
Betty Polk Fighting
Bobby Davis Bullying
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