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Name Reason
Richard Brown Makes fun of other kids
Richard Gomez Doesn't share any of their toys
Rielly Thompson Not keeping promises
Rivers Leverett Talking back to adults and acting ugly
Ronald Goff Makes fun of other kids
Ross Anderson Lying
Ross Perez Bad behavior
Ruth Hill Potty mouth
Ryan Hacker Being selfish and fighting with his brothers.... secretly makes mom cry in room wondering what she’s doing wrong.
Rylan Attitude
Rylan Attitude
Rylan Kelley yelling and being disrespectful. Remember that today is about the birth of Jesus and loving others sometimes means letting them do what they enjoy doing.
Sarah Robinson Being mean
Sarah Shoemaker Selfish
Sean Coughlin Doesn’t listen!
Sharon Katz Doesn't listen to their parents
Sharon McCabe Being mean
Shay Davis Not keeping promises
Shay Jones Being cheeky and answering back.
Shay Lee Bad behavior
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