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Name Reason
Dorothy Baker Not keeping promises
Dorothy Tate Lying
Dustin Tennison Not spending enough time at home
Dwight Frank Lying
Dwight Hoover Potty mouth
Dwight Lara Potty mouth
Dwight Shaw Bad behavior
Edward Givens Hit his brother in his face. Not listening to his parents. Refusing to do what he’s told.
Edward Harris Selfish
Edward Kidd Doesn't listen to their parents
Edward Rodriguez Lying
Edward Wells Cheating on a test
Elise Not going to sleep
Emmett Cohen Has not finished thank you letter to Aunt Alett and Uncle Hugh.
Enrique Perez Selfish
Erica Shaw Doesn't listen to the teacher
Erica Sydner Lying
Erica Torres Cheating on a test
Ethan Brewer Bullying and not following rules and arguing with parents
Faith Rice Fighting
Felix Campbell Doesn't share any of their toys
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