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Name Reason
Jocelyn Baker Doesn't share any of their toys
Jocelyn Key Doesn't believe in Santa Claus
John Hoover Bad behavior
Joseph Stone Potty mouth
Julio Cherry Fighting
Kaden Houck Kaden I really think you can try a little harder to mind the adults in your life. I will be watching to see if I can move you to the Nice List - Santa
Katherine Masters Because they are on their phone too much and talk back to people. Don’t mind very well. Are rude to others and do not share very well. Ignores people when on phone or other things. If they work on this behavior they will be on the nice list soon!
Katie Lee Makes fun of other kids
Katie Young Screams and cries to get what they want
Kayla Williams Potty mouth
Keira Sainsbury Not listening, stealing, shouting and being mean
Keira Sainsbury Not listening to mum and dad, being silly and stealing food.
Kelly Cole Bullying
Kelly Crowley Makes fun of other kids
Kelly Hickey Bullying
Kelly Moser Fighting
Kelsejo being mean to grandma
Kenneth Shaw Lying
Kevin Baker Doesn't believe in Santa Claus
Kevin Lee Fighting
Kevin Torres Bad behavior
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