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Name Reason
Margaret Frank Potty mouth
Maria Martin Selfish
Maria Miller Potty mouth
Marissa Davis Doesn't share any of their toys
Marissa Miller Bad behavior
Marissa Perez Being mean
Marissa Young Bad behavior
Mark Garcia Lying
Mary Diaz Fighting
Mary Mack Not keeping promises
Mary Page Makes fun of other kids
Mason Leane Not listening
Matthew Broadus Bad at school, does not listen to teacher, screams instead of listens, not listening to mom at home
Max Hill Fighting
Max Rodriguez Screams and cries to get what they want
Megan Best Doesn't believe in Santa Claus
Mia Santa Claus is waiting for feedback to update this status.
Mickey Sydner Doesn't listen to their parents
Morgan Beach Not keeping promises
Morgan Goff Doesn't believe in Santa Claus
Morgan Torres Not keeping promises
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