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Name Reason
Nikki Diaz Doesn't believe in Santa Claus
Nikki Martin Doesn't listen to their parents
Patrick Cain Bullying
Patrick Chin Doesn't share any of their toys
Paul Kidd Fighting
Paul Lewis Selfish
Payton Beach Potty mouth
Payton Chin Potty mouth
Preston Brewer Fighting with brothers and not following rules
Raeanna Casey Being mean
Raeanna King Makes fun of other kids
Raeanna Turner Potty mouth
Ray Adams Fighting
Ray Lewis Lying
Rees Moon Fighting
Richard Brown Makes fun of other kids
Richard Gomez Doesn't share any of their toys
Rielly Thompson Not keeping promises
Ronald Goff Makes fun of other kids
Ross Anderson Lying
Ross Perez Bad behavior
Ruth Hill Potty mouth
Ryan Gregory Landis Yells about eating vegetables, threw a pillow at his brother, won’t go to school...the yelling hurts the elves ears.
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