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Name Reason
Dorothy Kidd Gave a friend a helping hand
Dorothy Lopez Tries their hardest to do good in school
Dorothy Turner Good behavior
Dwight Franks Listens to their parents
Dwight McCabe Sat with a girl who sits by herself
Dwight Page Good behavior
Easton Robey You are one whine away from the naughty list. Please be good Easton Cooper or I will leave you coal!
Edward Fields Rescued an abandoned cat
Edward Fields Played nicely with others
Edward Franks Sat with a boy who sits by himself
Edward Wells Rescued an abandoned cat
Elizabeth Anderson Was unselfish this year
Elizabeth Rivera Welcomed a new student to the school
Elizabeth Stone Listens to their parents
Ella McCracken Loving and funny, and a great helper!
Ella Wheeler you are being a very good girl Ella. Keep up the good work.
Emma McFarland Helped clean up, but she was mean to her brother and didn't play nice last night .... I would keep a close eye on her
Enrique Hill Tries their hardest to do good in school
Erica Casey Gave a friend a helping hand
Evelyn Nye Sweet girl!
Faith Campbell Rescued an abandoned dog
Faith Frank Shared their toys
Faith King Rescued an abandoned cat
Faith White Was unselfish this year
Felix Hickey Good behavior
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