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Name Reason
Dorothy Kidd Gave a friend a helping hand
Dorothy Lopez Tries their hardest to do good in school
Dorothy Turner Good behavior
Dwight Franks Listens to their parents
Dwight McCabe Sat with a girl who sits by herself
Dwight Page Good behavior
Easton Robey You are one whine away from the naughty list. Please be good Easton Cooper or I will leave you coal!
Edward Fields Rescued an abandoned cat
Edward Fields Played nicely with others
Edward Franks Sat with a boy who sits by himself
Edward Wells Rescued an abandoned cat
Elizabeth Anderson Was unselfish this year
Elizabeth Rivera Welcomed a new student to the school
Elizabeth Stone Listens to their parents
Ella McCracken Loving and funny, and a great helper!
Ella Wheeler you are being a very good girl Ella. Keep up the good work.
Emma McFarland Helped clean up, but she was mean to her brother and didn't play nice last night .... I would keep a close eye on her
Enrique Hill Tries their hardest to do good in school
Erica Casey Gave a friend a helping hand
Evelyn Nye Sweet girl!
Faith Campbell Rescued an abandoned dog
Faith Frank Shared their toys
Faith King Rescued an abandoned cat
Faith White Was unselfish this year
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