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Name Reason
Felix Hickey Good behavior
Felix White Gave a friend a helping hand
Finley for doing their homework
Fletcher being good at school
Freddie Shoemaker Welcomed a new student to the school
Gaige Strauch Always helping mom and dad and having a loving heart.
Gaige, Bailey, Lyle Strauch Kind and loving hearts
George Beach Shared their toys
George Becker He is the best husband a wife could ever ask for!
George Smith Tries their hardest to do good in school
Gianna Serino Went to bed early and was nice to her daddy
Grant Copeland On the nice list for listening and playing well with Luke.
Helen Thompson Welcomed a new student to the school
Hugh Cooke Helped the needy
Hunter McLaughlin Be Kind and Listen!!
Isabel Davis Welcomed a new student to the school
Isabel Katz Listens to their parents
Isabel Lara Rescued an abandoned cat
Isabella LaCava Was nice to her sister and played with her
Jacqueline Jarvis Good behavior
Jacqueline Shaw Played nicely with others
Jada Davis Rescued an abandoned dog
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