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Name Reason
Jada Mack Sat with a boy who sits by himself
Jasmine Drennan Listens to their parents
Jason Goff Sat with a girl who sits by herself
Jason Tate Was unselfish this year
Jeff Fields Sat with a boy who sits by himself
Jeff Lopez Rescued an abandoned dog
Jeff Mack Played nicely with others
Jeffrey Doing his homework and helping mom at home.
Jesus Polk Helped out their family
Jocelyn Moser Rescued an abandoned cat
John Young Was unselfish this year
Joseph Bright Was unselfish this year
Julia Took your medicine like a champ and brushed your teeth when your parents asked. Keep up the great work!
Julio Bright Played nicely with others
Julio Crowley Rescued an abandoned dog
Julio McCabe Rescued an abandoned dog
Justine Lucero Great helper/Praying for Ashlyn/AR/Better choices
Kaitlyn Nye Helpful and kind
Kaitlyn Scharlott Kaitlyn, you're staying on the nice list for now but remember not to hit your sister or be mean. That type of stuff is what gets you on the naughtly list. Love, Santa
Kara Brawley Kara, You have been a very sweet lady this year, but I did see you putting your feet on the movie chairs again tonight during the grinch. Naughty, naughty. Remember, Santa is always watching
Katie Boyle Doing much better. Now be good to mom dad and siblings. Santa’s coming to town.
Katie King Sat with a girl who sits by herself
Katie Park Helped the needy
Katie West Listens to their parents
Kayla Clark Helped the needy
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