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Name Reason
Kellan Mahoney Kellan remains on the nice list for now. He’s a good friend and tries hard in school. He hasn’t been listening very well at home though. He also isn’t always very nice to his sister. I’ll be keeping my eye on him and having Pip give me updates.
Kelly Anderson Good behavior
Kelly Cooke Rescued an abandoned dog
Kelly Gomez Helped the needy
Kelly Key Welcomed a new student to the school
Kelsey Jo Moffett she always helps others
Kelsey Jo Moffett she always helps others
Kenneth Goff Sat with a boy who sits by himself
Kenneth Mack Rescued an abandoned dog
Kevin Best Tries their hardest to do good in school
Kevin Harris Helped the needy
Kevin Lopez Helped out their family
Kevin Smith Played nicely with others
Kevin Stone Listens to their parents
Kevin Thompson Sat with a girl who sits by herself
Kiera Mahoney Kiera is currently on the nice list. She tries really hard in school and is a good friend. She doesn’t always get along with her brother and sometimes doesn’t listen well to her parents though so I’ll be having Pip keep me updated.
Koleson Lee Mohler Being a very grateful and sweet lil boy. Koleson was very kind and thoughtful today. He said he would like to give his shoes to another little boy.
Lance Gomez Gave a friend a helping hand
Lance Jones Welcomed a new student to the school
Laura Smith Good behavior
Laura Tate Rescued an abandoned cat
Laura West Welcomed a new student to the school
Lillian Brewer Good little girl!
Lillian Cooke Rescued an abandoned cat
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