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Name Reason
Lillian McCracken Helping with her little brother and sister.
Logan Boyle Still on nice list. listen to parents and be good to siblings. Santa’s coming... Ho ho ho.
Luke Copeland On the nice list for listening and playing well with Grant.
Lyric Marrow Good behavior
Mackenzie Hodges You are kind to your family and help out your friends at school all the time. Work on being kinder to your dog Toby and you will stay on the Nice List!
Mackenzie McCabe Was unselfish this year
Mackenzie Moon Good behavior
Mackenzie Williams Rescued an abandoned dog
Macy Brown Welcomed a new student to the school
Macy Martin Tries their hardest to do good in school
Macy Taylor Good behavior
Madelyn Frank Helped out their family
Madelyn Miller Gave a friend a helping hand
Madilyn Nye Madilyn, you have made it to the nice list for being such a good girl today. You brought home a great report card and behaved all day! You need to continue to listen, not fight with your sisters, and do what you're told to be able to sta on the nice list! You can do it! -Santa
Makayla Drennan Played nicely with others
Makayla Lopez Rescued an abandoned cat
Makayla White Welcomed a new student to the school
Margaret Chin Helped out their family
Margaret Davis Helped out their family
Maria Harris Shared their toys
Maria Katz Sat with a boy who sits by himself
Maria Lopez Listens to their parents
Marissa King Good behavior
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